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The Fifth Man

The Fifth Man

Everybody knows...

Martian bacteria couldn't possibly infect humans. But what if it did?

NASA couldn't possibly consider stranding astronauts on Mars. But what if that was best for everyone?

Trained astronauts couldn't possibly freak out under insane amounts of stress. But what if one of them did? 

About the Book

The Fifth Man is a Mars suspense novel that mixes science, religion, romance, and adventure. 

The Fifth Man is the sequel to the acclaimed novel Oxygen, which won the 2002 Christy award for best futuristic novel in Christian fiction.

The Fifth Man will take you on a wretched, miserable, dangerous vacation to Mars where you'll face infection, back-stabbing, hyper-vigilance, and enough stress to make you crack.


Valkerie pushed the mole ahead of her and wormed her way forward. The best samples would be deeper. She swept the walls with her light, but her eyes kept darting back to the end of the vent. Then she saw it--milky pink striations on an outcropping of white, just beyond the overhanging rock. She tried to duck beneath the jagged protrusion, but her helmet was too big.

"Thirteen minutes, Val!"

"I found something. Just a little bit farther." Valerie reached out, stretching out as far as she could reach with her pick. Too far. She tried to back up.


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