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Triple Cross

What if you were training to be a con man, but you accidentally fell in love with the wife of the Baptist minister you were trying to rip off for nine million dollars?

What if the minister in question was a damned scoundrel -- a jerk who had gotten a young girl pregnant -- and you desperately wanted to rip him off and leave him holding the bag so he'd go to jail?

What if your partner on this scam -- your mentor training you how to run cons -- promised he'd kill you and the woman if you so much as flirted with her?

What if the "minister" was actually an FBI agent running a sting operation on you?

What if his "wife" was really an actress hired specifically to lure you in and put you in prison?

If all that were true, then you'd be Ryan Dimitri, blackjack genius, the bad boy leading man of Triple Cross. And you'd be in love with Lili Moore, a nice girl up to her ears in debt, which the FBI will pay off only if she delivers your head on a platter. But Lili has a thing for bad boys, and she's falling for you. Falling bad.

Triple Cross is about making decisions when you don't have enough information. It's about choosing between your head and your heart when either way is a disaster. It's about ferreting out the truth when everybody around you is lying, and when you're the biggest liar of all.

Triple Cross is a geeky romantic suspense con man novel that takes you on the worst possible vacation in Las Vegas with a bad boy and a good girl who can't seem to stay away from each other to save their lives.

Triple Cross is a really fun story, but it's currently on hold because of other projects I'm working on. 
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