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Randy's Picture and Bio

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Lord knows we've tried. Randy's image consultant, photographer, and Photoshop wizard have labored desperately to make him as pretty as possible, given the circumstances. Well, they tried.

Medium Bio

Randy Ingermanson is the award-winning author of six novels and the bestselling book Writing Fiction for Dummies. He is known around the world as "the Snowflake Guy" in honor of his wildly popular Snowflake method of designing a novel. Randy has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley and works half time running the software division of a biotech company in San Diego. Randy likes applying math and logic to real-life problems and his main goal is to achieve total world domination and become Supreme Dictator For Life and First Tiger. His wife is OK with that, as long as he remembers to take out the garbage.

Short Bio

Randy Ingermanson is a physicist and award-winning author of six novels who is best-known for his wildly popular Snowflake method of designing a novel.
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