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Ever Wish You Were Sherlock?

When I was a kid, I thought being a geek meant you were doomed to a life of being uncool.

That was horribly inconvenient, because I was a very geeky kid. I started reading before I went to kindergarten. I taught myself chemistry in third grade. Worst of all, I was good at math. 

Then one day I discovered a geeky guy named Sherlock Holmes.

And I realized that being a geek could be pretty cool. For a couple of years, I wanted to be Sherlock.

But the horrible truth is that Sherlock was fictitious, so that just wasn't an option.

When I got to high school, I took a physics class and really loved it. Al Einstein was another geeky guy who was Xtremely cool.

I knew better than to think I'd ever be Einstein, but I majored in math and physics anyway and then got my Ph.D. in theoretical physics at UC Berkeley. 

Physics is fun, but by the time I got halfway through grad school, I realized it was never going to be enough for me. I loved reading suspense fiction, especially anything by Ken Follett. 

I desperately wanted to write a novel someday. Sure, that was kind of crazy. Scientists aren't supposed to be artsy. They're supposed to be lab rats. But I didn't care. I wanted to write a novel.

I never wanted to be Ken Follett, but I studied his writing pretty intensively. Eventually, I got several novels published, and they've won me a bunch of awards. 

Lately, I've gotten very well known around the world for my teaching on how to write fiction. 

And I've also had some fun using logic and math to investigate some very weird "mad science" claims. 

The hard part of life is figuring out who you are.

I'm not Sherlock Holmes. I'm not Al Einstein. I'm not Ken Follett. 

I'm a geeky guy who likes to apply logic and math to the real world and who writes suspense novels about geeky guys and geeky girls. 

Hang out here with me and we'll have some fun.

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